N  E  W     I  T  E  M

Pognae was officially recognized

by IHDI as the first Korean brand to help

babies grow properly.

Pognae is only baby carrier brand in korea which is a
partner of The International Hip Dysplasia
Institute' Research Partnership Program.

Pognae has joined efforts to improve infant hip health,

raise awareness of hip dysplasia prevention measures, and explore
new innovative diagnostic techniques and treatments for hip dysplasia.

The more you hug, Pognae

P  L  A  Y



Pognae was founded in 2005 Pognae is a korean company

specializing in the manufacture and sale of baby carriers

and other accessories.
All processes, including planning, development,
design, and production are 100% made in South Korea
through rigid quality management.

Pognae is a baby carrier brand representing South Korea,

which is the top seller in South Korea's department

stores and duty-free shops.

POGNAE is Different

Now experience the comfort of Pognae

A  W  A  R  D  S

+ 2022 Red dot Design Award in the product design category 

+ 2022 Red dot Design Award for Innovative Products 

+ Korea's First Officially Certified Baby Carrier by IHDI 

+ The Excellent Company Brand of Seoul 

+ KITA K+ certification of the Korea Trade Association 

+ Grand Prix of France’s e-fluent mums 


+ No.1 in Korea Consumer Satis- faction Index for 3 years in a row 

+ No.1 Best Brand for Our Children + NO.1 Korea Mom's Choice Awards 

+ Grand awards of the PBA Premium Brand 

+ NO.1 BB Awards 

+ NO.1 Korea Brand Satisfaction Awards 

+ Korea's KC, Europe's CE, Japan's SG Product Safety Test Passed 

+ Hot seling Baby carrier on Naver 

+ Top searched Baby carrier on Naver 

+ Beign part of Japan department stores and large baby product chain stores 

+ Launching a collaboration product with Japan brand MIKI HOUSE 

+ Being part of Taiwan Costco

I  N  S  T  A  G  R  A  M