Pognae was founded in 2005 Pognae is a korean company

specializing in the manufacture and sale of baby carriers

and other accessories.

All processes, including planning, development, design,

and production are 100% made in South Korea through rigid

quality management.

Pognae is a baby carrier brand representing South Korea,

which is the top seller in South Korea's department

stores and duty-free shops.

POGNAE is DifferentNow experience the comfort of Pognae

Department Store / Duty Free

Hipseat, Baby carrier cumulative sales No. 1

+ Korea's First Officially Certified Baby Carrier by IHDI

+ Korea's KC, Europe's CE, Japan's SG Product Safety Test Passed

+ The Excellent Company Brand of Seoul

+ KITA K+ certification of the Korea Trade Association

+ Awarded Grand Prix of France’s e-fluent mums

+ 1 in South Korea Consumer Satis- faction Index for 3 years in a row

+ No.1 Best Brand for Our Children

+ No.1 Korea MOM’S Choice Awards

+ Grand awards of the PBA Premium Brand

+ NO.1 BB Awards

+ NO.1 Korea Brand Satisfaction Awards